1. [ADDED] Data collection function added for offline agent
  2. [ADDED] Removable Storage log can switch to the related screen shot history
  3. [ADDED] Alert and Warning can be set in the basic policy
  4. [ADDED] Function of restrict changing computer name is added in the basic policy
  5. [FIXED] Alert is not displayed sometime when the alert level of the policy is set to high/critical level
  6. [FIXED] Issue of screen shot captured and sent by QQ2012 is not logged in IM file policy
  7. [FIXED] Issue of Ali Wang Wang seller edition cannot be logged and restricted in IM policy
  8. [FIXED] Skype IM message cannot be logged after deleting Skype message history
  9. [FIXED] Document policy cannot restrict the operation in CMD command prompt in Win 8
  10. [FIXED] Conflict between the agent and the CCB bank online banking software(IBSBjStar)
  11. [FIXED] Incomplete document logging and printing logging for Critix XenApp
  12. [FIXED] Upload control policy cannot restrict upload in 360 web browser

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