1. [ADDED] Online update checking function
  2. [ADDED] Software copyright management support for multiple keyword search
  3. [ADDED] File types group for File in search function of document operation log
  4. [ADDED] Pre-defined agent configuration policy (For debug purpose)
  5. [ADDED] Support for IM QQ enterprise (version400/800), 263EM4.0, Skype 6.0 edition
  6. [ADDED] Support for web browser opera 10.50 and 10.51, comet browser and 2345 web browser
  7. [ADDED] Agent will send out alert when there is communication error, and abnormal agent will be displayed
  8. [FIXED] Issue for miss logging some web browsing history for Internet Explorer 9
  9. [FIXED] Issue of the fingerprint identification of Dell notebook become inaccurate
  10. [FIXED] Issue of inaccurate IM logging for Skype, ICQ and UC8.3.4.22616

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