1. [ADDED] Partially support Windows 8
  2. [ADDED] Support IM logs for QQ2013, MSN 8.5Green and FeiQ 2012 edition
  3. [ADDED] Support web browsing logs for web browser QQ priview7.0, 360 web browser 5.5 and 6.0, Firefox 16 and 17, Chrome 23.0.1271, Avant 11.0, Webcopier 5.4,  Real Player built-in web browser, SlimBrowser 6.0, Sleipnir 3.03
  4. [FIXED] Email recording problem of domain 126.com, 123.com, 263.com and Yeah.com
  5. [FIXED] No printing logs for Office Starter and Acrobat Reader X
  6. [FIXED] Allowing/Blocking all applications in application policy causing all the system services start/stop to run.
  7. [FIXED] Long time waiting for the successful status update in the Software Deployment of the Asset Management
  8. [FIXED] Failing to canceling the Device Policy (the device is still not effective)

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