Artificial intelligence has been around us everywhere nowadays. The map navigation software, weather forecast inquiry, chat with Siri, all are artificial intelligence. Google driver-less car being tested, it included a lot of artificial intelligence; it can also perceive and react to the environment. And besides, purchase recommendations during online shopping; friend’s recommendation at the social networking sites and so on are also the use of AI.


AI into the wave of the future intelligent trend

Artificial intelligence nowadays has become increasingly active. For example, entrepreneurial innovation, a survey by 2015 showed that, there are 855 artificial intelligence start-ups, across 13 categories, around the world with a total valuation of more than 8.7 billion US dollars.

Maybe soon we will be able to witness a variety of products in terms of intelligence breakthroughs, including: voice assistant, search engines, chat robot, three-dimensional scanners, language translation, cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and medical imaging systems. A recent survey also showed that half of the world’s artificial intelligence experts believe that machine intelligence in 2040 will reach the level of humanity. This may help the human response to climate change, disease treatment and labor savings. However, the negative impact it brings out also worth Public a deep thought.

Is AI going to replace human?

In the US study said, the United States will have 47% of the jobs become automate and replaced by computers in 2033. In the UK, Deloitte and Oxford University estimated that there will have 10 million unskilled jobs will be replaced by robots in the near future. The Japanese study, said nearly half of Japan’s position may be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence in 10 to 20 years.

It is said that Foxconn already has millions of robots, and they will increase to three hundred thousand next year, and going to increase to one million within three years. These robots each cost 14 million, they work 24 hours a day, and will not commit suicide.

In addition to bringing laid-off panic, but there is another concern: 14-year-old boy had hacked to a car online system easily, it shocked the entire automotive industry, not only the hackers invaded car Internet system, and even remote control car.

Recently the world’s largest toy maker Mattel, their AI Barbie just completed an emergency patch in security holes, to prevent the owner information that saved to the small toys, will be leaked to the Hackers. Another children’s toy manufacturer, Vtech, 6.4 million children archives stolen, causing parents concern more on the safety of the artificial intelligence toy.  AI vendors need to safeguard the important information, otherwise may get into trouble.

IP-guard put efforts in protection of corporate intellectual assets

Professional analysis, expected by 2016, China will be the first year of commercial artificial intelligence. As the fourth cornerstone technology of the industrial revolution, AI is expected to surpass China in the new round of technological innovation tide; “corner overtaking” provides a breakthrough.

As a high-tech industry, there is an urgent need to protect the core technology research and development and intellectual property. IP-guard, a decade of continuous improvement of information security management technology, and strive to provide the best information security for business!

1) To protect an important document by encryption

Encryption to protect important documents, even if the person leaving confidential information away, the information inside cannot be read. For important documents, modify, delete, print and other operations carried out are strictly control to prevent theft of information through theses channels.

2) Network and Communication channels management, eliminate the risk of leaks

To management and control the Instant messaging, e-mail, and other network communications network upload, to prevent suspicious disclosure risk point and minimize the risk of transmitting of confidential data outside the enterprise through internal staff communication tools.

3) Regulate the use of removable storage devices, ensure data security

Some portable, high-capacity storage devices can easily copy a large amount of confidential data out, IP-guard provides reasonable control of the removable storage devices intranet to prevent former employees transferred confidential information to the phone, card reader, U disk and other portable devices.

4) Strict authentication to protect confidential data in server

There should be strict authentication through the security gateway access to the server terminal. Automatically encrypted to the documents downloaded, to effectively prevent confidential information downloaded from the server without authorization.

5) Logging for document use behavior in advance, prevent the risk of leaks

Users can do logging and auditing to the important documents, not only can help enterprises detect and deter suspicious breach of confidentiality to avoid greater losses, but also can be found in a timely manner in the event of information leakage after tracing the leak.

Currently home service robot Cobos, automation control and electronic equipment manufacturers Omron, Fanuc industrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and other R & D companies in Shenzhen Pegasus already using IP-guard to protect their confidentiality. How about you?

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