IP guard Blog2Most people in the choice of encryption software will consider a lot: will not destroy the document itself? How to deal with Network, Server failure? Encryption can meet different needs? Decryption approval will be very troublesome…

Nowaday, not many products can fully address these issues in the market. Companies in the urgent need to manage encryption may only try the encryption software, as a result not only the document encrypted are unsafe, but also create lots of problems. In protecting your information, the most concerned issues, IP-guard can calmly deal with:


1) Unstable encryption, Damaged document, Time consuming in re-do?

This is the most concerned issue to many users, after all, if those important information are damaged due to the instability encrypted, who needs to pay more effort on information recovery.

2) Network failure, server failure, file missing?

If deployed encryption software could not be run due to network or server failure, it may cause irreparable problems in any case the document is lost during the Zero-day. So a complete recovery management of encryption software can solve various unexpected problems easily without fall into high risk.

3) Cannot meet the needs of different encryption?

There are still a lot of encryption software does not fulfill the needs of the Enterprises. For businesses, different departments may need different encryption level, based on the needs on work. Inflexible management software will definitely bring a bad influence.

4) Decryption approval difficulty?

When editing the encrypted document, many users may needs to request a higher level review and approval. However, if the responsible person is on a business trip or vacation, no one to help in approval, that would end up delay the work progress!

The approval function that most of the encryption software can provide is relatively simple. If the approver is away, the software will either automatically approved or rejected by the user setting, or have to wait for the responsible person come back. This really inconvenient if they want to seeking approval in urgent for some cases.

5) Cannot communicate across multiple platforms?

Many companies using Apple Mac systems for design work, and most programmers will use the Linux, others are more inclined to use Windows. But still, many encryption software only supports Windows, Linux, and can not be used in a Mac environment, which is inconvenient to the staff and administrators.

Whenever we bought an appliance, we are surely looking for something comprehensive, quality leverage, so the most compatible ones. The same on enterprise encryption, we certainly looking for something not only safe, also must have stability performance to protect our asset without affecting work efficiency, therefore picking outstanding encryption software is very critical!

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