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Protect sensitive data and eliminate security threats is always a great concern to many Enterprises. When Enterprises considering of the deployment for proper network security measures, do they really thorough understanding the network security threat of business? Before deploying any network security measures, the first thing Enterprises should do is to understand where their focus should on:

  • Sensitive data leakage prevention

For the eavesdropper, the data is their ultimate goal, just to protect the enterprise network security boundaries, is not enough. Sony Pictures is a living example of the use of the extensive number of security tools and products and services, but also failed to stop the highly sensitive data being leaked. Therefore, in the IT security environment, Enterprises should focus on preventing the data from being accidental, intentional and unauthorized modification or destruction!

  •  Indistinct authorization of the internal user

Access control is the weakest security where security deployment must determine the level of access to data as well as access to a detailed breakdown of staff. The division of authority is unclear, can easily lead to important data from being accessed by unrelated person, and very prone to leakage behavior. Enterprises should strictly enforce access control and reviewing the access record to the sensitive data, to detect suspicious access behavior, ensure data security.

  • Abuse of removable device

Nowadays, the removable devices are more diverse: Smart phones, Tablets, U disk, Bluetooth, Mobile office. These devices enhancing the productivity but also enable Enterprises to facing new threats in information security. In June 2014, JPMorgan was hacked and leaked over 76 million customer records through its employee’s laptop. Therefore, in addition to the Enterprise-wide management and control of network security, but also taking into account the management of removable devices.

  • The out of control network behavior

To reduce security risks, IT administrators not only to control staff to download and install the software, but also focus on managing the user’s online behavior, mastering the user’s network usage. Many destructive sites look normal, but the lethality can be unpredictable. Online behavior of employees will be strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the Internet on the one hand; on the other hand can greatly improve efficiency.

  • Encryption Tools – Safer All-rounded protection

Many Enterprises are choosing IP-guard encryption products for data protection. IP-guard is currently the most compatible system with all major platforms (including Mac), providing information leakage prevention and overall solutions product. It unified management platform, modular architecture, Enterprises can choose different combination of modules base on their needs. IP-guard also consists of encryption function, in order to provide comprehensive prevention of information leakage.

  • Network Security Management Tool – Powerful trusted

Now IP-guard products have been exported to 70 countries and regions, accumulated more than 15,600 users, strong research and development, to provide users with the latest and most intimate network security management product.

Information Security Management is not as complicated as you imagine, a reliable protection tool saves a lot of manpower, money and effort, it creates a safe and flexible network environment that every Enterprise is looking for.enterprise encryption, we certainly looking for something not only safe, also must have stability performance to protect our asset without affecting work efficiency, therefore picking outstanding encryption software is very critical!

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