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Endpoint Security Management Solution
— Gain control of endpoint usage to protect data security

IP-guard Endpoint Security Management solution carries rich features to meet the needs of all sizes of organizations, comprehensively protects storage security and prevents endpoint data leakage. With it, you can ease endpoint management, fully control and encrypt removable storage device, easily and centrally block Bluetooth device, Infrared device, Wireless LAN adapter, USB hard drive, external laptop, PDA, iPhone, and other portable devices. Moreover, it enables you to easily control network access. It effectively helps you enhance data security, prevent data leakage, and protect your organization from huge loss and unintended or rogue access.


Unmatched Endpoint Security Management solution protects your computers against internal data leakage and lets your computers stay away from virus, spyware, worm and rogue access.

Full Disk Encryption
  • Manually format any removable storage devices as encrypted disks
  • Encrypted storages only can be used within the trusting environment
Flexible File Encryption
  • Automatically encrypt files when they are copied to any removable storage devices
  • Automatically decrypt files stored on encrypted removable storage devices if they connect to authorized computers
  • Grant read only, write only, or read and write permissions to different users and user groups on encrypted removable storage devices
  • Encrypted files cannot be decrypted and accessed on unauthorized removable device and outside your trusting environment. They only can be decrypted and recognized within your trusting environment.
Effective Removable Storage Filtering
  • Block unwanted removable storage devices like iPod, MP3 player, MP4 player, USB flash drive, and removable hard drive
  • Stop unauthorized removable storage devices from connecting to the internal computers to spread virus or steal data
Complete Device Management
  • Disable specified devices like floppies, memory cards, CD-ROMs, burning devices, communication interface devices, etc.
  • Stop various devices from connecting to your computers via different channels (e.g., infrared, Bluetooth, wireless, USB port) to safeguard data security
Comprehensive Network Access Control
  • Block external notebooks, PDAs, iPhones and much more endpoints from connecting to the internal network and communicating with internal computers
  • Block illegal network share to stop data leaks
  • Block specified ports or IPs to stop data upload and download
Real-time Intrusion Detection
  • Instantly discover external computers when they are connected to the internal network
  • Immediately stop unpermitted computers to secure internal system and confidential data
Instant Alert and Warning
  • Instant alert messages will be sent to administrators to inform them if any intrusion happens, or any devices and storages connect to the internal computers
  • Instant warning messages can be issued on any intrusion, and any unauthorized endpoint connection
Easy and convenient Management
  • Easily and centrally control computer peripheral equipments
  • Come with pre-configured settings and a user-friendly interface
  • Less than 30 minutes installation
  • Superior performance
  • Safeguard valuable data from being leaked through any devices and removable storage devices
  • Eliminate data leakage risks
  • Protect information security no matter computers are on or off the network
  • Avoid costly loss and huge damage caused by data leakage
  • Spend less time and money managing endpoints
  • Centrally and easily manage your endpoints
  • Get unmatched endpoint protection thus reducing administrative overhead and workload
  • Prevent virus infection through portable storage devices
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