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Computer and Internet Monitoring Solution
— Monitor employees’ computer and Internet usage to improve work efficiency

IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution provides companies of all sizes with an effective means to filter inappropriate and non-work related websites, emails, and IM applications. It empowers you to control and monitor application usage, bandwidth use, email sending and receiving, instant messaging, website browsing, document activity and print activity. With these features, IP-guard puts you in control of employees’ computer and internet usage so as to help companies enhance productivity, save expense, protect corporate assets, reduce data leakage risks, and improve system and data security.

IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution empowers you to control, record and see everything your employees do on the computer and internet, evaluate their work performance with ease and less effect, and find out employees’ misconduct and bad behavior. You can know how they use the computers during office hours. Moreover, it enables you to control what employees can do and cannot do on their computers. With it, employees’ computer and internet activities are absolutely in your control.

Real Time Computer Monitoring
IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution lets you see what your employees do step by step. You can know your employees’ work performance, and what do they do on their computers during office hours.
Computer and Internet Activity Logging
IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution captures and records what employees do on their computers and runs in stealth mode. Employees’ computer and Internet activities like documents printed, websites visited, chat conversations, applications ran, emails sent and received, files accessed, and much more are recorded. In addition, IP-guard provides an easy-to-read report for you to quickly know what your employees have done on their computers.
Powerful remote PC control
The most comprehensive controlling software of employers available here. IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution has powerful computer activity monitoring, activity logging and report, and activity filtering. IP-guard gives you fully control over application usage, email usage, website activity, Instant messenger usage, print resource, bandwidth usage, document actions and much more. With this powerful control and monitoring solution, you can restrict your employee to access specific websites, use specific IM applications, or run specific programs. IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution lets you fully control document printing, web browsing, instant messaging, file transfer, bandwidth usage, application usage, file printing, etc.
Effective Bandwidth Control
Indiscriminate Internet surfing and uncontrolled downloads often leave organizations with insufficient bandwidth. IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution helps organizations control, allocate and optimize bandwidth usage so as to prevent bandwidth abuse and resultant chocking. Optimal bandwidth enables organizations to improve work efficiency, make the most and get the most of office hours.
Instant Warnings and Alerts
IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution greatly facilitates your management. It enables you to send instant warning messages to those employees who violated the policy in order to remind them what they can do and what they cannot do during office hours. At the same time, you can immediately receive alert messages to know what inappropriate actions your employees have committed.
Control and Manage Application Usage
  • Block all non-work related applications such as PC game, stock, IM, and music application
  • Block P2P, and BT applications from hogging too much bandwidth
  • Record application usage
  • Gather statistics on application usage
  • View TOP 10 used applications
Manage Bandwidth Usage; Stop Bandwidth Hogs
  • Manage and optimize bandwidth usage
  • Gather statistics on incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Provide intuitive report - statistics list + statistics chart
  • Show TOP 10 traffic consumption by IP, port, computer, IP category, port category, or computer category
Control, Filter and Record Email Activity
  • Specify who can and who cannot send emails out of the organization
  • Block unwanted domain, specified recipients, email with specified subjects, etc.
  • Block sending attachments, attachments with specific names or attachments over specified size
  • Record all email content including sender, recipients, subject, email text, time, etc.
Control, Monitor and Record Chat/IM
  • Block specified employees from sending files out of the company via IM applications
  • Back up files sent out via IM applications
  • Block files being sent out via IM applications
  • Record chat conversations (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ, etc.)
  • Record local employees, participants, time, etc
Block Unwanted Port/IP
  • Block specific ports like IM ports, web ports, FTP ports, p2p ports, etc
  • Block external computers from communicating with internal computers
Control and Monitor Document Activity
  • Control permissions like read, write, rename, create, copy, paste, move, restore, and delete
  • Record all document actions in detail
Control and Monitor Print Activity
  • Block unauthorized printers, print applications, and computers from printing
  • Immediately stop illegal print actions
  • Record all print actions in detail which includes employees, computers, printer names, pages, captions, print tasks, etc
  • Record printed files in JPG format
See Exactly What They Do Step by Step
  • Multi-screen monitoring – let you monitor many employees at one time
  • Real-time screen monitoring – let you visually see what your employee do on the computer and Internet in real time
  • Detailed screem recording - record the whole process how employees use their computers or the screen snapshots of specified applications if they are used
  • Custom snapshot capture frequency
  • Inactivity timeout
  • Screen history viewing - supports VCR playback and screen history filtering.
  • Export and save screen history in wmv format
Block Inappropriate Websites and Record Websites Visited
  • Block unwanted and inappropriate websites during office hours such as porn sites, MySpace, Facebook and shopping sites
  • Record web sites visited by employees
  • Record URLs, and captions of every visited web site
  • Record Date/Time of visit and total duration of visit spent on each web site
  • Web auditing - provide detailed statistical data of web browsing
  • View Top 10 visited websites
Additional Features
  • Attendance tracking – who is late for work, and who leaves work early?
  • Flexible time restriction
  • Real-time notifications and alerts,not just blocking
  • Installs in minutes
  • Runs in stealth mode
  • completely invisible to employees
  • Ease of use
  • Easy, intuitive policy-creation
  • User-friendly interface
IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution, an easy-to-use and popular employee computer activity surveillance solution, lets you benefit a lot after using it in your organization. Benefits that you can get are:
  • Protect sensitive data in the enterprise.
    When employees are aware of being monitored, they become more conscious of time usage and more concentrated on their business rather than personal stuff. Increased employee productivity can be translated into increased revenue.
  • Improve employee productivity.
    IP-guard helps organizations boost employees' spirits by impartial performance appraisals since hard working employees are recognized and rewarded. It lets employees work positively and happily.
  • Boost Employee Morale.
    IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution protects organizations from costly lawsuits by identifying employees that breach the acceptable use policy by browsing inappropriate or offensive material, or transferring confidential corporate data out of the organization via various channels.
  • Avoid costly lawsuits.
    IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution protects organizations from costly lawsuits by identifying employees that breach the acceptable use policy by browsing inappropriate or offensive material, or transferring confidential corporate data out of the organization via various channels.
  • View employees' work process whenever and wherever managers want with less effort.
    IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution enables you to get a clear picture of what your employees are doing on their computers without leaving your workstation. You can monitor employees’ work performance and computer usage even when you stay at home, in the coffee shop, or having a business trip in a foreign country.
  • Get user-undeniable proof.
    When data leakage, sexual harassment or other unpleasant things took place, IP-guard Computer and Internet Monitoring solution provides you with just and user undeniable proof to avoid annoying bothers and troubles.
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