Features Optimized/Added:
  1. Priority setting added for policies
  2. Level management for removable storage categories
  3. IP-gaurd user account settings can select manage which computer group and users simultaneously
  4. Administrator can search for computer which is in locked state
  5. Can use multiple website categorires for searching in the webiste log

Bugs Fixed:

  1. The issue of the 'block PrintScreen' option in the Basic Policy cannot restrict the the slipping tool screen capture in Windows 10
  2. The issue of using the Website Categories in the Website Policy cannot restrict browsing website in Microsoft Edge web browser
  3. The issue of Removable Storage policy cannot restrict user using git-bash command to copy file to USB drive
  4. The issue of encrypted shared file of WPS2019 unable to open
  5. The issue of allow few copy option cannot copy to the applicaiton of Windows 10


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